Ceremonial signature of cooperation

On the AUTOMOTIVE Hungary 2017 of 19th Oktober 2017 was a celebrating the signing of an agreement of cooperation and collaboration between the ALP.Lab, the Austrian Light Vehicle Proving Region for Automated Driving GmbH. and the Automotive Proving Ground Zala Ltd., hereafter (APZ).

ALP.Lab GmbH is a Stiria reseach institute working with the companies of the Stirian Automotive cluster, as well as its local and national government of Austria with the goal of autonomous driving testing and test development on public roads and other available regional infrastruture. APZ Kft. is the project coordination company responsible for the automotive proving ground being built in Zalaegerszeg. The automotive proving ground’s uniqueness will be it ability to help support the reseach, development, testing and approval of autonomus and electrial car technologies.

The two organizations international cooperation and collaboration will help support the regions competitiveness and economic developmental growth, as well as create a basis for the establishment and coordination of a multiple border testing environment that will support both organiztions’ activities.