Handling Course construction under way

The actual form and layout of the test track elements was presented for the press, in presence of Ministerial Commissioner László Vigh. The different areas of the High-Speed Handling course with its respective “in- construction-process” surface types were shown to the press for the first time, and included simple excavation sections to sections with basalt, all of which will be covered by different levels of asphalt once completed.

The High-Speed Handling Course is 2032 m long and 12 m wide with soft gravel shoulders as part of each cornering sections as safety elements, all of which will allow for vehicles to run at speeds up and over 120 km/h. Additionally, a Low-Speed handling track, 1334 m long and 6 m wide with shoulder safety gravel cornering sections will allow for tests at speeds up to 60 km/h. With multiple road adhesion and road quality sections, the handling course will also have the ability to have watered or wet sections when required by test engineers.