Technical building walls now standing in place

László Vigh, Ministerial Commissioner for the test track, reported to the press the newest information regarding the Proving Ground Zala construction progress. With the help of the construction management team the projects impressive and spectacular modules where shown close up and in detail. Firstly, they were shown the reception building who’s exterior will form a ”Z” a new symbol for ZalaZone the new proving grounds name. The building will serve several functions, for example conferences and exhibitions up to 300 people. Afterwards they visited the Technical building, which has a traditional steel structure. The construction chief engineer, responsible for the building, explained that the 2100 m2 structure will have a section that contain offices for visiting engineering teams. In the middle of the building there will be a workshop for larger up to three large commercial vehicles where engineers will prepare their vehicles for testing. At the other side of the building it its second arm will be a complex set of test vehicle workshops. Coming back to the individual sections of the proving ground, an important object for vehicle tests is currently being built, the Handling Course. On the outer, faster section of this course vehicles will be able to run with at higher velocities, this circular track in connection with smaller interconnected routes will allow for the testing and simulation of  the traffic situations between built-up areas.