Dual training

Dual training is a form of higher education that is based on the close cooperation between higher education institutions and companies, where students can acquire the theoretical knowledge they have received in higher education. They will be able to use their practical knowledge in a real-life business environment.Students can learn the basics of their future profession from experienced professionals, as a member of dynamic team, where they can face new challenges continously.

Simulation technologies, laboratory tests, tests on a test track make the tasks of the training form more colorful, thus contributing to the expansion of their professional competencies.



  • building knowledge that can be used to build a test track
  • development of innovative, industrial-technical solutions
  • development ans structuring of testing methods for the testing of autonomous and E-vehicle testing procedures



Pannon University BSc in Mechatronics Engineering – students of Zalaegerszeg.


More information about the application can be found at:

Zoltán Rózsás – Educational and R & D Coordinator

+ 36 20 7468 708