The project

Zala Zone

The proving ground is an optimal test enviroment to the future cars and their communication technologies on multi level and contributes to the testing these from the concept condition to the final product status.

Idea & Plan

Due to increasing the enviromental protection and traffic safety, the hybrid-, electric- and autonomous cars come into view. These cars need an optimal proving ground where they can be developed effectively.

Design & Develop

The proving ground also has the opportunity to test cars which have conventional powertrain. Besides, drivving-support-systems and autonomous (self-driving) cars are able to be tested at the faciality for example by validation. The newest infocommunication systems can be developed. Furthermore Research & Development activities in the vehicle industry are able to be continued as well.

Test & Launch

During the first phase the dynamic surface, braking platform, handling course, country road, highway, motorway and the Smart City Zone are going to be built. In the future the high-speed the high-speed oval track, bad road section, uphill road, noise measuring surface, vallies and the slpoe pad will be able to used by the customers.

Core Features


Creating an all-rounder test enviroment, a brochure of services and operating backgound which focus on autonomous- connected vehicles.


The complex test enviroment is ideal for the future cars and communication technologies to make the opportunity to test their prototypes and concepts on multi-level.


Road built

Tests made



GPS coordinates:
46°53’20.8”N (46.889109)
16°50’12.2”E (16.836726)


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